Monday, August 13, 2012


Production sketches for the lovingly referred to "Bat-Freaks" that appeared in Batman and Robin 10-12. These were to be Gotham criminals somehow permanently marked by Batman.

First Crack at the BatFreaks; SMUSH, and BAT_HEAD. Who seemed a little too  "Dick-Tracy". 

Second crack at SMUSH. Still looked to monstrous. We wanted to keep him somewhat reminiscent of his human beginnings as the three Mercenary brothers. (Who first showed up in Batman and Robin #1) I liked the tail instead of feet though. 
SMUSH, and a first crack at SCALLOP. 

Upper left. Rejected Cover sketch.  Bottom left Approved cover sketch for BATMAN AND ROBIN #12. The freaks were supposed to appear in the background, but ultimately got cut from the final image. Right, SCALLOP. 
Working up a color for SCALLOPS Hair and makeup. 
TERMINUS. The villain who knows the time of his death down to the second. Proved a little more challenging, since we start off seeing him as an old, decrepit man. Held up by Braces.(TOP). Then we se him rejuvenated with a somewhat bulkier brace/bolt system. (BOTTOM) This brace had to be bigger to accommodate his final metamorphosis and armor (BELOW)
TERMINUS final stage. His hight was reduced a bit from this sketch, and he ended up standing about 9 feet tall. The clocks that provided the countdown to his ultimate demise appear on the inside of his arms. 
Here you can see that TERMINUS briefly became POISON MARVIN, Poison Ivy's lesser known brother. But polling data showed that the readers weren't ready for this yet. He was reverted back to his current form. :)

The final Freak-sheet. BAT HEAD, BOOT FACE, SMUSH, SCALLOP, and my last minute entry HANGMAN.

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